Bilingua Sing at Harbury Toddlers

We opened during half term in February and were delighted to be able to welcome some older children to the session.

Bi-Lingual-Sing-3 Mel from Bilingua Sing came as our specialist visitor, she was brilliant and we would thoroughly recommend her. She taught us some key Spanish words and rhymes in Spanish and English. You can watch the action on our website at …….. And who knew it turned out that Harriet’s mother is fluent in several languages. Wow a clever lady.


As planned we held our Annual General Meeting during drinks and snack time which gave the opportunity for everyone present to have a say. Thank you for your super comments.

There were three individual suggestions, one to run an additional session, one to have bread sticks or fruit occasionally at drinks time and the third was to have more messy play. To this end one of our parents Aimee Mann approached Banana Moon for support and they have agreed to loan us a Tuff Tray so that we can contain our ‘messy ‘ experience in one place – many, many thanks to Lucy at Banana Moon Nursery.

Running an extra session would require some thinking about as the ‘subs’ collected each week do not cover the cost of the group and therefore we rely heavily on other fund raising, we have however introduced some fruit and will continue to do this as donations are received.

Gymboree is coming soon as is our very own Alison Hunt with her One, Two, Three and away story and singing sessions. We also have a new Volunteer hopefully joining us on a regular basis, Reg Mead lives in Southam and made himself indispensible recently, chatting to families, making tea and washing up.

It certainly enhances the children’s experiences to engage with people of all ages.

Bi-Lingual-Sing-1 So finally Lynne, Selina and Lise look forward to welcoming parents, carers, grandparents, childminders and children under five, come on round the kettle’s on. We are based at the Wight School, High Street, Harbury, CV33 9HW (brown gate to the side) and meet at 9.30am saying bye bye at 11.15.

Thinking of coming along or need more information please do ring Lynne on 01926 612748 or email