The Life of a Social Entrepreneur Part Ten

Three positive things before I arrive at Tooley Street for my latest session …Lightning McQueen

1. 7.18am train from Kidderminster had already arrived at the platform when we turned into the car park aghhhhh too close to call !!! I opened the car door to jump out but the driver thought he would get me a bit closer and kept going, it was akin to Lightening McQueen but in a Vauxhall Agila which is a decade old ……. Ran up steps and flag was waved phew!

2. Must be looking good in my new coat check this out and couldn’t have looked my age as nobody offered me a seat on the Tube! SSe-coat

3. Arrived @ SSE in plenty of time and able to unwind with my favourite Latte for a energy boost before the intense programme.

This blog seems a quick turnaround so I bet you weren’t expecting this, just listened again to Jamie Lawson’s beautiful poignant song “I wasn’t expecting that” which reminds me that life is a journey of the unexpected and that we need to embrace every day.

In that vein I have returned from my day at the Scale Up Programme which was spent on Action Learning Sets and as an aid memoir, the purpose of using this approach is to bring social entrepreneurs together in small groups to support each other through challenges, share experiences, knowledge, develop confidence and self belief whilst encouraging considered risks.

The groups are structured and time limited with a facilitator, team members and the issue holder.

Enthused and buzzin’ with ideas I know that when I mention I have ‘just thought of something’, very often my colleagues at Entrust think oh heck what’s she going to come up with now – no we can’t run another Toddler Group, however exciting, taking over the running of the Pre-School don’t even mention it !!!

But guys you will love this one…………

Reflecting on: Looking for a shop front to sell our preloved children’s clothes and toys this would offer people with Learning Disabilities an opportunity to learn retails skilled and purposeful work experience

Finding a space which could house a shop and workshop for processing the articles we have for sale and utilising those items we can’t sell by sewing patchwork bears, patchwork hares and patchwork squares. My daughter in law has offered to make the prototype and we will call him Beau Henry after my grandson … BeauHenry

Checking out Community Asset Transfer properties from Local Authority

Apply for grants for workshop space related to helping people into work, Auction Houses often have a grant giving programme

Can we offer Yoga, Mindfulness, Baby Massage classes to increase our income with a greater margin?

Have we thought of Crowd Funding for an event and offering a reward for the donations i.e. £5 for one child to have a free place, £15 rewarded with an Entrust Tee shirt – well you get the idea …

Preparing a pack of successful Case Studies both for on the Website and to share with sponsors, grant givers etc

Investigate developing an Accredited Course for Carers

SSE-a We are struggling with capacity at the moment and need to move from reliance on grant funding to some income generating services to enable us to cover costs and reinvest in additional services for families. If you are reading this can you help? Nominate us for funding, give us leads for sponsorship, help us find a corporate company who offer a social responsibility opportunities for staff. I would love to hear from you.

Signing off till next time, with very best wishes