Spring Toddlers

Harbury Toddler Group is a registered charity, number 1099160. As a charity, we are required to hold an Annual General Meeting and in order to engage as many families as possible we decided to hold the meeting during the regular Toddler session and are pleased to report that this was achieved on February 27th 2017.

The minutes of this meeting are displayed on our notice board, however here’s a brief resume. The main item to report is that it was agreed by all present that we will not run sessions during the half term weeks, the reason for this decision is that attendance during these times has been really minimal. We have and will continue to maintain the parental contribution for 2017 at £1.50 per session, hopefully enabling everyone to attend but we continue to seek donations from other sources. ‘Subs’ for 2016 were noted as £753.31 whilst our expenditure was £919.40. We are therefore grateful to the Harbury Carnival Committee, The Entertainer and Entrust Care Partnership for financially supporting the group during 2016 and enabling Toddlers to continue to be viable.

So, what else has been happening?
We hosted the Coffee Morning at the Tom Hauley Room at All Saints in March, which we really enjoy and we raised £158 to support Toddlers this year. We were delighted with donations of 18 Raffle Prizes, a generous amount of cakes and a table of bric-a- brac, as well as having an Usborne Book Table. Here are the team, all are ready for customers!!

Coffee Morning March 2017

Emma Coffee Morn March 2017

At a recent Toddler session Aimee, mother to Freddie, Bella and Jago, pictured below, provided a wonderful messy, adventurous, pretend play to stretch the children’s imagination, with carrots, seeds and soil. We really just need Beatrix Potter’s Peter Rabbit to make an appearance!



Impromptu chairs made a timely entrance to take children to the Zoo whilst giving a hearty rendition of Wheels on the Bus, much loved and known by everyone.

The Parenting Project, an organisation which runs Southam Children’s Centre, kindly paid for Deb Dutton, creative artist, to come to Toddlers enabling them to experience large easel art which they adore. Many thanks to Deb and the team.


Tom Tom Photographic, a local Harbury amateur photographer is coming to Toddlers this month to take photos of children at play which provide a nice keepsake of their all too short a time at Toddlers before going to the next phase of education at pre-school.

In 2016 we welcomed a total of 86 children and of course parents, carers, grandparents and child minders. There were four ‘star’ attendees whom we applaud so thank you Olivia, Sam, Jago and Emily who came for 32 out of 39 weeks, tremendous. Thank you to all our dedicated families.


If you want to join us then Lynne, Selina, Chelly and Reg look forward to welcoming you come on round the kettle’s on.

We are based at the Wight School, High Street, Harbury, CV33 9HW (brown gate to the side) and meet at 9.30am saying bye bye at 11.15.