Entrust Siblings go Riding!

Our Siblings group has been a huge success again, thanks to the further funding from Greggs. We ran six sessions up to half term and they were packed full of fun and games – thoroughly enjoyed by all the youngsters attending!

Relaxing stuff like the arts and crafts, all of us contributing to a couple of collages plus the making of glitter calming jars – did they work, mum and dad?! Special visitor Falstaff the Guide Dog came along with his trainers, they gave us a talk on what he gets up to every day – plus we all got to stroke him! We presented them with the collage we’d completed to take back to Headquarters.

Think we were all worn out following the Zumba and Cheer Leading session, led by Love Ballet, but it was great to get the exercise and learn some new moves!

Thomas-Riding-17-Oct-2017 Our final session last week was the icing on the cake though – a Horse Riding session at the fabulous Radway Riding School ….. Everyone had a great time and those that were a little unsure were very brave. The staff were great and gave everyone a chance to groom and ride. There were lots of smiles, you would never know that some had never ridden before, they were all so confident.

Click on the link to our little film!

As usual, thank you to our volunteers for helping to make these sessions happen. If you’re reading this and want to get involved as a volunteer with our groups or just for more information, please get in touch with selinaturnerentrust@gmail.com