Homeshare offers a low cost effective preventative programme which meets the needs of families caring for a disabled child, older people and people with disabilities (Householders) as well as individuals seeking accommodation and motivated to help vulnerable people (Homesharers). Householders who are in need of support and have a home to share are matched with Homesharers aged over 18 who need accommodation and can give the help required. Householder/families provide no cost accommodation which includes a separate bedroom for their Homesharer in exchange for 10 hours of specifically tailored help each week.

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One to One Support from Entrust Care Partnership

Entrust Care Partners are individuals offering support to children, young people, or adults on a one to one basis. Our employees have had all the necessary checks and will be carefully matched and trained to meet your specific requirements. Flexible working hours can be negotiated to suit your needs at reasonable and competitive costs.

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